Das neue Wollgefühl – Bunte Trend-Pieces aus Kaschmir, Merino & mehr

The new wool feeling – colorful trend pieces made from cashmere, merino & more

Purple Rain – the great purple revival

A very special color is making a big comeback this fall: Purple respectively Violet . Whether more calming Lavender tone or strong ultraviolet – the shades of purple offer a suitable tone for everyone.

Purple is a bold and complex color. For this reason, many ask themselves the question: How can I How to style purple correctly ? There are three different ways to do this:

1. Combine purple with denim or black

If you combine purple or violet with black leather leggings or denim, you definitely can't go wrong. It's the simplest way Trend color purple to make it suitable for everyday use. Complete the look with casual sneakers or boots!

2. Add accents in violet

Do you still need a little time to warm up to the color purple or do you prefer looks in simple tones? Purple/violet is also ideal for adding small color accents, both on clothing and in accessories , for example as a scarf or hat.

3. Contrasting looks in purple and orange

Would you like to bring a breath of fresh air into your looks? Then this refreshing color contrast is just right for you: purple and orange. Bright orange provides the necessary kick of vitamin C in your wardrobe, while the color purple adds the perfect dose of coolness.

Wear the perfect collar

The collar of a knitted sweater has a major influence on the overall effect of an outfit. Since the neckline or collar of the top is located directly below our face, it has a significant impact on the perception of the facial area and the optical proportions. Among the most popular and common Collar shapes on sweaters include the following:

Crew neck

The Round neck can be high-necked or low-cut and is considered the most popular among both women and men Neckline variant . A classic crew neck sweater is particularly suitable for longer necks, pear or hourglass body silhouettes and more striking facial features.


Do you have a larger bust and a rather short neck? Then a V-neck sweater is just right for you. This neckline elongates the cleavage and neck. Especially apple-shaped and V-shaped body silhouettes come with this Collar shape well presented.


Turtleneck sweaters are one of the most important Must-haves for the cool days . They are the perfect basis for cool office looks and replace a scarf at the same time. Plus, turtleneck sweaters in statement colors automatically make your face shine.

Since a turtleneck precisely traces the contour of the chin and emphasizes the face, this collar shape is particularly suitable for square face shapes and a not too pronounced upper body.

Cashmere jacket? But please with glitter!

Wide-cut cashmere styles are taking wardrobes by storm. And for one simple reason: Oversized cardigans and sweaters made from fine wool can be combined easily and in a variety of ways with other items. And especially in late summer , the time for playful onion looks begins Cashmere styles particularly located. At the same time, fashion made from cashmere stands for high quality and gives the wearer great joy and maximum comfort for a long time.

Because just Oversized cardigan Anyone can, we're giving the trend an elegant upgrade with luxurious rhinestone jewelry buttons. This creates a unique contrast to the colorful coarse knit. We love!

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