About Us

Princess Goes Hollywood, a label that has existed since 2006, stands for exclusive women's fashion with a fresh and cheeky touch. Founded out of CEO Christian Gehrig's enthusiasm for high-quality cashmere fashion, the company has developed into a trendsetter in the fashion industry.

Our collections are characterized by a skilful break in style that combines exclusivity and playfulness. We offer a diverse range of premium fashion crafted from the finest materials. Our designs range from playful to ladylike and include everything from dresses and skirts to tops, jackets and loungewear. Each piece is refined with funny and dreamy prints from the world of fairy tales and cartoons, which give our fashion a unique touch.

We have received special attention for our popular cashmere sweaters with Disney prints, which have revolutionized the fashion world. Our customers can choose from a colorful range, ranging from bright sweatshirts and T-shirts to elegant sweaters and cardigans to playful blouses and tunics . Our skirts and trousers come in trendy variations, from opulent floral patterns to stylish prints and monochrome designs.

At Princess Goes Hollywood, all women will find one-of-a-kind favorite clothing items, ranging from cozy loungewear to high-quality dresses for special occasions. We also offer charming accessories as well as jackets and coats for many occasions.

Immerse yourself in the world of Princess Goes Hollywood and discover fashion that combines fantasy and humor with sophisticated elegance.