Das blaue Wunder – Styling-Tipps und Fakten rund um Denim

The blue wonder – styling tips and facts about denim

Whether it's a jacket , shirt , skirt or dress - each of us has at least one favorite denim item in our wardrobe. Fortunately! Because the classic, blue styles made from robust denim are indispensable this season. But what actually makes denim so popular and how do we wear jeans this late summer and fall? Experience exciting things Facts and styling tips about denim in this blog post by Princess Goes Hollywood !

5 exciting denim facts

Did you know that…

This season will be colorful: denim + colorful statement pieces

This late summer, everything that puts you in a particularly good mood is in. Playful retro prints, flowers and contrasting looks. Of course, the timeless styles made of denim should not be missing. But so that the outfits aren't too boring, we combine the classic denim blue with bright statement pieces in yellow, green, pink, orange and more. There are numerous possible combinations:

Classic denim with colorful top

A look you definitely can't go wrong with: blue jeans, white sneakers and a simple basic top in a color of your choice. On hot days, an airy T-shirt made of fine cotton is ideal. On cooler evenings, you can easily round off the look with a hoodie or cardigan . If you are planning a trip to the museum or to a special event, you can Denim look Simply enhance it with a chic statement blouse made of breathable silk , linen or cotton.

By the way: Uncomfortable skinny jeans are now a thing of the past. The numerous months of working from home and wearing comfortable sweatpants have shown us that life is so much better in comfortable pants! The trendy one offers a perfect compromise that also looks good Wide-leg jeans . The wide trouser legs offer sufficient freedom of movement and really flatter every figure.

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