Frühlingserwachen: So sehen deine Lieblingsteile aus dem Vorjahr wieder aus wie neu

Spring awakening: This is how your favorite items from the previous year look like new again

Tip 1: The right care products

Did you know that inferior laundry detergent literally robbing the life of your clothing with aggressive chemical ingredients? Inappropriate care products They can attack the fiber structure and make textiles more fragile, and the colors also quickly lose their intensity. So don't underestimate the power of carefully tailoredcare products and treat your clothes to a soothing product every time you wash them. It will thank you with a long lifespan and bright colors.

For the love of our styles, we have... Princess Goes Hollywood has developed its ownseries of care products that are guaranteed to contain no harmful chemicals and only use natural raw materials. Thedetergents can be used for both machine and hand washing:

The corresponding washing instructions and further information about the Princess Goes Hollywood care products can be found on our website under the Care section.

Tip 2: Freshen up textiles with baking soda

Your white one Favorite blouse Is it yellowed or has a dull gray haze after numerous washes? Your favorite Shirt is suddenly gray instead of black? Baking soda is the savior in such cases! The all-rounder makes white laundry shine and gives dark clothing back its original color intensity, as stubborn residues that affect the color depth are effectively removed. Simply add a cup of baking soda directly to the washing drum and wash as usual with the appropriate one Laundry detergent . You'll be surprised at how easy it is Household product baking powder Makes your clothes look new again!

By the way: Milk also helps with yours to make white clothing shine again . Lactic acid neutralizes the colors and makes them purer again in a natural way. However, to see a difference, you should soak your garment in milk at least overnight.

Tip 3: Small details, completely different effect

Are you longing for new statement pieces for the summer season to spice up your everyday looks? You don't necessarily have to dig deep into your pockets. With a little creativity and very little effort, you can give clothes that you've had enough of an individual upgrade. Here are a few ideas for yours Wardrobe upcycling :

  • Beautify blazers , coats or blouses with new buttons
  • Hide stubborn stains on hoodies or t-shirts by dyeing or tie-dyeing
  • A long-forgotten pair of trousers or jeans becomes a modern it-piece through ironing motifs, shortening or a used look (tears, washing).

Tip 4: The trick for knots on knits

Numerous knots onknitted styles such as cardigans , sweaters or dresses quickly make the garments look old and worn out. This is the emergence of pilling completely normal for natural fibers. With a cashmere comb you can gently and quickly remove the fiber tangles and get your knitted items ready for the new season.

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