Auf Tuchfühlung - das sind die beliebtesten nachhaltigen Textilien

In close contact - these are the most popular sustainable textiles

What are sustainable textiles?

Basically, sustainable textiles are those that have been produced taking the ecological footprint into account. In other words, materials made from renewable raw materials or recycled materials . The place of production also plays an important role here, because locally produced clothing has a lower CO2 impact due to the short transport route. In addition, the working conditions during production must of course be taken into account and whether pesticides, bleaches and other toxic chemicals were used.

What is the difference between eco and fair fashion?

This is where a misunderstanding often occurs. A sweater made of organic wool , which was produced without the use of pesticides or genetic engineering, does not have to be produced under fair conditions and may also have a poor CO2 balance due to a long transport route.

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In fair fashion, much emphasis is placed on improved working conditions in production, such as compliance with maximum working hours or the ban on child labor.

Basically, we can only speak of sustainably produced fashion if both aspects are ensured or at least the positive ones outweigh them.

Where can I get sustainable fashion?

Instead of indulging in extensive shopping trips, we advise you to go shopping carefully and first find out online how much value the fashion company attaches to quality, durability and sustainability.

In the next step, you should then be clear about which materials are suitable for you. Because not all sustainable textiles are suitable for you. The trend of using recycled plastic and thus reusing existing plastics is certainly very ecologically sensible and simply important in many areas. However, we should urgently ask ourselves whether we really want to expose our sensitive skin to plastic made from petroleum on a daily basis. We at Princess Goes Hollywood therefore clearly rely on natural materials , whether pure or here and there as a mixture for the sake of longevity. Long-lasting quality and natural materials are our top priority.

The most popular sustainable and natural textiles

There are many reasons to prefer clothing made from natural materials . The sole advantage of using naturally renewable raw materials automatically makes natural textiles more sustainable compared to synthetically produced materials. But the material properties themselves are also clearly at the forefront: Textiles made from animal fibers , such as cuddly soft cashmere wool, warm our bodies in winter and even have such strong temperature-balancing properties that they can also be worn in summer. Air circulation is guaranteed, in contrast to plastic sweaters. Sweaters made of virgin wool or garments made of silk also ensure optimal wearing comfort and prevent unpleasant odors or skin irritations due to their balancing properties.

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If you live a vegan lifestyle or generally want to use plant-based fibers, you are best advised to choose clothing made from cotton , hemp and linen, which not only offers a high feel-good factor due to its temperature and moisture-regulating properties. Linen also has a cooling effect and is completely lint-free . Cotton is light in weight and highly absorbent. And did you know that hemp fabric absorbs up to 90% of UV radiation?

But we mustn't make the mistake of completely removing chemical fibers such as elastane from our shopping list. If these are mixed with the natural fibers , ideally in small parts and made from recycled plastic , they ensure longer durability and dimensional stability. This in turn is of course also an important aspect of sustainability.

Our tip for you: if you want to wear the garments directly on the skin, we recommend using high-quality cashmere wool . It is guaranteed to be scratch-free and ensures an enormous feel-good factor, no matter what time of year it is!

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