Paisley-Muster: Spannende Fakten rund um den orientalischen Print

Paisley patterns: Exciting facts about the oriental print

What does the paisley pattern represent?

The floral motif (so-called Boteh pattern) was created as a graphic derivative of the offshoots of date palms, a symbol of fertility. Over time, the characteristic teardrop-shaped leaf pattern developed. During the reign of the Great Moguls, the paisley pattern made its way to India, and from there British soldiers brought the Far Eastern pattern to Great Britain. However, the richly embroidered silk fabrics and cashmere scarves were only affordable for very few people. To make the oriental pattern accessible to a wider audience, Scottish weavers adopted the style and used the typical design to produce fabrics for clothing, scarves, curtains, furniture upholstery, and more locally from local wool.

The typical, traditional paisley pattern initially only appeared in different shades of red. Paisleys are now available in all sorts of colors. In order to make the production of paisley fabrics as cost-efficient as possible, the paisley pattern is no longer woven, but is usually woven or printed.

What does paisley mean in English?

Paisley may not mean much to English speakers, but to German speakers it is a word that has a long history! Paisley is derived from the German word “pfauen” and means peacock. This is because the paisley pattern looks like the feathers of a peacock.

Where does the paisley pattern come from?

Paisley is the name of the Scottish town of Paisley near Glasgow. But why does a once typically oriental pattern also have this name? The answer is simple: from 1780 onwards in Paisley/Scotland colorful scarves with exotic patterns woven. After the young Queen Victoria appeared in public with such a scarf, demand decreased Paisley scarves through the ceiling and the paisley pattern became world famous.

However, the curved ornament typical of paisley scarves does not originally come from Scotland, but from what is now Iran (Persian Sassanid Empire) and appeared there for the first time in the 15th century.

What is the paisley pattern?

The Boteh pattern became popular in India when British soldiers brought it there. In the 18th century, imitations of the boteh pattern were developed, eventually becoming known as paisley. So there are thousands of years of history behind this fantastic pattern! Nowadays it can be found on everything from clothing to furniture to murals - a truly iconic pattern!

How to style paisley patterns?

Are you wondering how to recreate the paisley pattern? Don't worry, we have the right parts for you! Paisley is all about shining with bold colors and abstract shapes. Simply combine these prints for a unique look. Pair a paisley dress with white sneakers or layer a colorful paisley blazer over a simple t-shirt to brighten your mood. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can also layer different sizes and shades of the pattern to create an eye-catching combination! And if in doubt, wear an eye-catching accessory like a bright scarf or hat - you're guaranteed to attract everyone's attention. Conclusion: No matter how you wear it, when it comes to styling paisley patterns, the possibilities are endless!

Every year again – the great paisley pattern revival

The paisley pattern experienced its biggest comeback to date in the 1980s, when it became a trend as part of hippie advertising. Numerous luxury designers such as Etro, Gucci and D&G have since adopted the pattern. The paisley pattern also found great popularity in streetwear, on bandanas, with the rise of the hip-hop subculture. And for good reason: the decorative pattern looks good in a wide variety of colors and always ensures a good mood and unique looks. After a short break, the paisley pattern continues to conquer the hearts and shopping carts of fashion fans all over the world this season. We have summarized the most important paisley must-haves for the coming spring and summer for you:

1. Paisley dress

Paisley is absolutely in again this year. So it's high time everyone Paisley dresses dig out of the boxes of summer clothes or buy a new paisley dress. You are free to choose the shape, length and material of the dresses. They are particularly popular in spring/summer Midi & maxi dresses with paisley print , as these can be worn on cold days as well as in midsummer.

Styling tip: For outfits with paisley patterns, the focus should be on the print. To emphasize this accordingly and achieve a harmonious balance, you should use simple, monochrome shoes and accessories. Roman sandals or sandals are particularly suitable in summer - boots or cowboy boots in winter. To create the perfect boho look, you can also combine it with a striking waist belt.

Styling tip : At Outfits with paisley patterns The print should be the main focus. To emphasize this accordingly and achieve a harmonious balance, you should use simple, monochrome shoes and accessories. Roman sandals or sandals are particularly suitable in summer - boots or cowboy boots in winter. To create the perfect boho look, you can also combine it with a striking waist belt.

2. Paisley blouse

Paisley blouses are true all-rounders when it comes to statement styles with patterns. They give every outfit just the right amount of summer flair and can be combined in a variety of ways: Paisley blouses are ideal for everyday wear with jeans or chinos. In combination with one Pencil skirt , a pair of suit trousers, Leather pants or shorts you can create exciting looks for the office or evening events. If you like bold combinations, you can also style the paisley blouse in a mix of patterns with a matching bottom. For more casual looks, we recommend Paisley sweater instead of paisley print blouses.

Styling tip: When mixing different paisley patterns, make sure that they are in the same color scheme so that the overall look remains harmonious.

3. Paisley skirt

Paisley skirts You definitely think of flared pleated skirts, maxi skirts and flowing fabrics first, right? This season, however, we are relying on a completely new interpretation of the paisley skirt:

Paisley print pencil skirt . This statement piece is ideal for styling playful looks for any occasion. Whether with white silk blouse colorful cotton shirt , with high heels or boots, the eye-catcher offers numerous combination options for every taste.

Styling tip: We recommend only wearing plain-colored clothing accessories for the patterned pencil skirt to combine so that the overall look does not appear too overloaded. At low temperatures, a brown complements Suede jacket the outfit into a harmonious look.

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