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Why is cashmere one of the best yarns?

Cashmere is one of the finest and most noble wool yarns in the world. No other natural fiber combines such unique wearing properties as Cashmere . Incomparably soft and light, the cozy fiber warms in winter and is at the same time temperature-regulating and breathable in summer. Season after season, cashmere products nestle comfortably on the body. If the material is cared for properly, cashmere will last a lifetime.

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What is cashmere?

Cashmere is made from the fur of the... Cashmere goat , whose homeland is China, Mongolia and the Himalayas. The soft undercoat (duvet) protects the animals from the harsh winter in the high plains. In spring, when it gets warmer, the goats begin to shed their fur naturally. The shepherds use this to comb out the fine undercoat, which is used to produce the noble Cashmere wool is needed. A goat sheds around 100 to 200 grams of cashmere per year - for example, around 300 grams of the valuable undercoat are used to make a sweater.

Where does the best cashmere come from?

The best cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia, an autonomous republic in southern China. Here the goats live on the barren high plateaus of the Gobi Desert. The icy temperatures at altitudes of up to 3,000 meters cause the goats to develop their high-quality, fine undercoat to protect against the cold. So far this has only been possible under these harsh conditions. Breeding attempts in Europe and Australia failed.

What makes cashmere clothing so special?

Cashmere is fine and light in summer, and at the same time cozy and warming in winter. The fine air pockets between the fibers act like an air conditioning system, because air is an ideal insulator and heat store. Cold from outside cannot penetrate and heat is only released to a limited extent. In earlier times it was Cashmere is the “fashion of kings ” and reserved only for the wealthy. Even though a wider range of people can now enjoy the wonderful wearing comfort of cashmere , it is still considered exclusive and luxurious.

Are there differences in quality between cashmere?

Cashmere is classified according to the length, diameter and color of the fibers. Basically, longer cashmere fibers are more expensive than short, fine cashmere is more expensive than coarser, light cashmere is more valuable than dark.

Why is a cashmere sweater more expensive than a wool sweater?

Cashmere goats are rare and can only be raised outdoors in small groups. Periods of hunger and cold in Mongolia are further decimating populations. The raw material Cashmere is therefore only available to a limited extent. Compared to wool, the extraction of casmere is also extremely complex. Unlike sheep, cashmere goats are not shorn, but the wool is combed out of the fur. Only the finest hair from the animals' undercoat is used for processing. For the Making a sweater The annual yield of around four goats is required. For a sweater made of Merino wool, however, just shearing a single sheep is enough. This is due to the interaction of low availability, complex extraction and unique quality Natural product cashmere so valuable. With proper care, you won't have to wear a sweater high-quality cashmere Will last a lifetime and is a good investment in your wardrobe.


Stay away from supposedly cheap Casmere offers!

dumping prices Cashmere are caused by poor quality. Only the cheap short one is used for production Cashmere used mixed with angora or mohair. Since the difference in quality cannot be seen with the naked eye, but only under the electron scanning microscope, the consumer can easily be deceived. In addition, cheap products are often knitted too loosely in order to save material costs. On the one hand, this promotes pilling and on the other hand, it gets worse pullover slightly out of shape by unhooking.

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