Die wichtigsten Lederarten auf einen Blick: von Wild- bis Nappaleder

The most important types of leather at a glance: from suede to nappa leather

Smooth leather & suede – the two types of leather

When it comes to leather, there is generally a difference smooth leather and suede differentiated. Below we explain the two variants in detail:

  •  Smooth leather : With this leather the outer side of the skin is processed. smooth leather becomes muted and fine again smooth leather differentiated. Covered smooth leather is provided with a thick layer of paint, which makes the surface insensitive, while fine smooth leather is particularly soft but significantly more sensitive.
  • Suede : Leather with a roughened inside is called suede designated. This includes, for example Nubuck leather or Suede . The supple and beautiful structure is typical of suede leather, but is less easy to care for than smooth leather.

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The little leather ABC

With the different ones Types of leather it's not easy to keep perspective. That's why we've summarized the most exciting and high-quality ones for you. Which leather do you personally like best?

Eel leather

The Inuit already made leather from the skin of deep-sea eels. The vertical stripes in the middle of the back are typical of the look. The supple one Deep sea eel leather however, it is used very rarely. This is becoming more common today Eel leather obtained from the skin of hagfish. Eel leather is particularly suitable for shoes and accessories. It is strong and durable, yet soft enough to conform well to the shape of the foot. Eel leather is also becoming increasingly popular in the fashion industry. Designers appreciate the unique look and the diverse design options.

antique leather

To give leather an antique or vintage look, leather is processed by wiping, pressing and a special dyeing technique. antique leather is in both leather and clothing accessories popular.

aniline leather

If the leather is colored with soluble dyes, this is often referred to as: aniline leather . The waxy feel and matte finish are typical of this dyeing method. The structure and the scarring remain natural because the aniline leather has no pigment layer on the surface.
Aniline leather is characterized by its natural, untreated appearance and its soft feel. This type of leather is made from the highest quality hides and dyed with soluble aniline dyes to obtain a natural color. The dye penetrates deep into the leather so that any damage or scratches will be visible on this type of leather. Aniline leather is highly valued for its classic look and luxurious feel. Due to its sophistication and elegance, it is often used for high-quality furniture and clothing.


Calfskin is even higher quality than cowhide. But why? A calf has the same number of hairs/hair holes as a cow, but in a much smaller area. Therefore Calfskin smoother, more even and more tear-resistant.

Crocodile leather

With real Crocodile leather it is the skin of young, bred crocodiles. Adult crocodiles already have very large scales, which are difficult to process. The crocodile look is also often embossed on smooth leather or imitation leather. But if you choose genuine crocodile leather, you can be sure that you are getting a durable material. The skin of young crocodiles is particularly supple and flexible - perfect for making handbags, belts or shoes. But it's not just the quality of the material that speaks for buying crocodile leather products. The material also has advantages over other types of leather when it comes to sustainability. Crocodile breeding farms are often part of a comprehensive nature conservation program and contribute to the conservation of endangered species.

Patent leather

Patent leather is typically grain-free and has a high shine. This look can only be achieved by painting or covering with a special film. It is available in both faux leather and real leather. Patent leather is a very elegant material and is often used for shoes, bags or clothing. It gives every outfit a special touch and can be combined wonderfully. Especially in winter, you often see patent leather jackets or coats that not only look stylish but also keep you warm. But what is the best way to care for patent leather? First of all, you should make sure that the leather is protected from moisture. There are special waterproofing sprays on the market for this. Stains should also be removed immediately with a damp cloth. To maintain the shine of the leather, it can be treated regularly with a polish. However, care should be taken to ensure that no aggressive cleaning agents are used.


Lambskin can be obtained from both lambs and lambs. Lambskin has a particularly warm and soft feel but is not particularly durable. Lamb leather is often tanned using a chrome-free process and is therefore particularly skin-friendly. This makes it an ideal material for people with sensitive skin. It is also lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for garments such as jackets and coats. The leather is naturally supple and soft to the touch, with a subtle sheen that adds to its luxurious appeal.

Since lambskin is very sensitive, it can develop scratches and cracks if not cared for properly. Special care must be taken when cleaning or polishing this type of leather as too much force can cause damage. Instead, a gentle cloth or brush should be used to remove dirt and dust from the surface without damaging it.

Lambskin is often used for luxurious accessories that are not used every day. By the way: Elegant women's gloves are celebrating their big comeback this winter. Of course, our lambskin pieces are a must-have in any wardrobe. We complete the trend with playful details such as quilting or eyelets.

Nappa leather

Nappa leather is obtained from the top layer of the skin. The characteristic full grains and supple surface make the leather particularly popular for the production of leather clothing , shoes and upholstered furniture. It is one of the most popular types of leather. The leather was named after the Napa Valley, a former cattle breeding area in California. The Nappa leather is known for its high quality and durability. It is carefully tanned to obtain a soft and flexible texture that fits perfectly to the body or furniture pieces. The material is resistant to wear and moisture, making it ideal for everyday use. The use of Nappa leather in the fashion industry dates back to the 19th century. At that time the leather was mainly used to make gloves. Nowadays, however, it can also be found in jackets, coats and trousers.

Nubuck leather

Also Nubuck leather is obtained from the top layer of skin of calves and cattle, but is also slightly roughened. The resulting soft surface is similar to suede, but is significantly finer. Through ingrowth can Nubuck leather remain waterproof for a long time. Nubuck leather is particularly popular for making shoes, bags and jackets. It gives these products an elegant look and a comfortable feel. However, due to its fineness, nubuck leather is also more sensitive than other types of leather.


Cowhide is particularly often used as car leather, upholstery leather, accessory leather or clothing leather because it is very durable. The cowhide often gets its typical grain through milling (soft drumming), which is particularly popular with furniture. But it's not just the durability and grain that make cowhide a popular material. Its natural beauty and versatility also contribute to its use in many areas. In the clothing sector, cowhide is particularly in demand as jacket or trousers material. It protects against wind and weather, but also looks stylish. It can also be customized using different colors. You can also often find leather products made from cowhide in the accessories sector, such as bags, belts or wallets. The robust material is particularly effective here. In addition to its optical qualities, cowhide also has ecological advantages: Since it is a by-product of meat production, no animal is killed specifically for its fur - a sustainable alternative to synthetic materials. All in all, the versatile natural material offers many advantages over other materials and therefore remains one of the most used leather materials worldwide.


Pigskin is easily recognizable by the many hair holes for the bristles. It is also very robust but is considered less elegant. But that is just a prejudice, because pigskin has many advantages over other types of leather. For example, it is particularly resistant and durable. It can withstand heavy loads and is therefore perfect for making shoes or bags.

Pigskin is also extremely soft and flexible. It is known for its pleasant feel and breathability. This makes it a good choice for gloves, wallets and jackets. The natural color of pigskin is usually light brown, but can vary depending on the age, breed and origin of the animal. It can also be dyed in different colors to suit any style and aesthetic. Because pigskin is very light, it is easy to work with and does not add unnecessary bulk when used as an accessory or garment.

Ostrich leather

The typical goosebump-like grain with the nodules on the back does this Ostrich leather a popular luxury leather. It is also particularly robust and easy to care for. With imitation ostrich leather, the grain pattern is embossed into the smooth leather. But genuine ostrich leather also has its advantages. The natural grain makes each piece unique and gives every item of clothing or accessory a special touch. The leather is also very durable and will last for years without losing quality. Another advantage of ostrich leather is its sustainability. In contrast to other exotic types of leather such as crocodile leather or snakeskin, the material is obtained from raising farm animals, which means that no animals have to be killed specifically for their leather. However, there are also some challenges when processing ostrich leather. The thick, solid material requires special tools and techniques as well as experienced professionals to process it properly. Obtaining the material can also be difficult, as not all tanneries even have access to it. Nevertheless, due to its diverse properties, ostrich leather remains a sought-after luxury material in fashion and design circles worldwide - be it as a bag, belt or even furniture cover!

Vegan leather

If you would rather do without real leather, you can do so at any time Leather alternatives grab. Nowadays there is a large selection vegan leather , that is leatherette . The most popular artificial leather variants include Amaretta (65% PA and 35% PU) and Alcantara (65% PES & 35% PU). This leatherette is considered particularly easy to care for and hard-wearing. But vegan leather no longer necessarily has to be made from plastic. More and more innovative technologies are making production possible sustainable artificial leather . For example PINATEXT made from pineapple leaves or cork leather.

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Suede leather

If the inside of the skin is used as the outside, it is called Suede leather or Suede . In order to obtain a velvety surface, the so-called “flesh side” is finely sanded. This suede can come from any animal and is most often used for shoes or leather jackets .

Trend tip : After the big 90s hype, 70s fashion is now conquering the catwalks and shop windows of the world. And what's more 70s than one brown suede leather jacket ?


Suede is the collective term for suede leather made from the skin of wild animals such as antelope, elk, deer or roe deer. It is particularly cuddly, velvety and water-permeable. Deerskin is one of the most popular Types of suede , as it is not too heavy, but at the same time durable. Mistakenly will Suede often as Suede even if it does not come from “wild” animals. Suede is a high-quality material that has a higher price than other types of leather due to its natural origin and elaborate processing. It is often used for clothing items such as jackets or coats, but also for accessories such as bags or shoes. One advantage of suede is its breathability. Unlike synthetic materials, it can absorb and release moisture, which is particularly important for shoes. Suede also feels pleasantly soft and adapts well to the body. However, caring for suede requires a little more effort than other materials. To avoid stains, you should impregnate it regularly and protect it from direct sunlight. A special brush for cleaning the material should also be in every home medicine cabinet of a suede leather owner.

Velor leather

Suede is a suede-like material made from the underside of animal skins. It has a soft and velvety feel and can be used for a variety of applications, from clothing to accessories. Suede is extremely breathable and durable, making it ideal for shoes, jackets, bags and other items of clothing that are subject to greater wear and tear than traditional fabrics. Suede also provides excellent insulation in cold weather and keeps the body warm when temperatures drop. Its appearance is unique and timeless and can be colored in different shades to suit any style and aesthetic. Due to its perfect combination of durability and aesthetics, suede has become a popular choice among fashion designers looking for luxurious yet practical materials.


Goatskin is particularly popular for high-quality clothing because it is very thin and at the same time robust and windproof. It is usually called suede « Goat velor » processed.

Did you know that the thickness or tensile strength of leather is related to the hairiness of an animal? The less fur, the stronger the skin. For example, goatskin is much more robust than lambskin. The type of tanning also plays a decisive role in the quality of the leather. Vegetable tanning agents are often used in goat leather, as these make the leather particularly supple and give it a natural shine. But goat leather is not only used in the clothing industry. It is also a popular interior material for upholstered furniture or accessories such as cushion covers or carpets. Thanks to its fine structure and pleasant feel, it gives any room an elegant touch.

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