Cashmere & Wool care detergent 240ml

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Cashmere & Wool Care Detergent 240ml - Care specifically tailored to the wool fiber. Angora, mohair, alpaca and cashmere remain soft and cuddly and the colors bright. The shampoo is also ideal for caring for down.

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Material Composition:

Care: Machine wash: If you want to wash wool in the washing machine, you should make sure to select the wool program. However, to protect the material, hand washing is recommended. You can easily wash coarse knits in a laundry bag.

Hand wash: If you want to wash your wool clothing by hand, proceed as follows: soak for about 10 to 15 minutes at a maximum water temperature of 30°C, then squeeze briefly and rinse well with water that is no more than 30°C. Do not rub or scrub.

Stains: Before washing, you can dab items that no longer bleed with a few drops of pure Cashmere & Wool Shampoo. Leave to work for around 10 minutes, then wash. Pull wool items into shape on a terry towel and roll them up. Unwrap after around 30 minutes and leave to dry lying down. Do not dry near a heater or in the sun. Please wash light and brightly colored wool items separately. Constantly move printed wool or items made of strong colors mixed with white in the wash bath. If the water changes color, place it in a new wash bath immediately. Wool with a superwash finish can also be machine washed (max. 30 °C). Do not machine dry!

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