Oh du fröhliche - nachhaltige Weihnachtsgeschenk-Ideen

Oh you merry - sustainable Christmas gift ideas

What are sustainable gifts?

Sustainable products are produced taking the ecological footprint into account. For example, materials made from renewable raw materials or recycled materials . The place of production also plays a role, because locally manufactured products have a lower CO2 impact due to the short transport route. The working conditions during production should be considered and whether pesticides, bleaches and other toxic chemicals were used.

So instead of falling into the usual Christmas shopping frenzy , we strongly advise you to place great value on quality, durability and therefore sustainability .

Our 8 favorite gifts for a sustainable Christmas

1. Scarf

Warming in winter, a fashionable accessory in summer: the scarf . We have a very special piece of jewelry in our range made from guaranteed sustainable fabric: our scarf with Disney 100 print is made of 50% cotton and 50% modal .

Cotton is a naturally renewable natural fiber that impresses with its longevity and temperature and moisture regulating properties. You probably know this. But what is modal? We are talking about a vegetable fiber with natural origins from beech wood, which is produced using a chemical process. The material, similar to viscose, offers a much nicer wearing comfort and climate, as moisture is quickly wicked away due to its excellent water absorption capacity. The fiber is therefore considered to be extremely skin-friendly.

Modal is not only considered sustainable because it is made of beech wood, a naturally renewable natural fiber, but is also durable, dimensionally stable and vegan

2. A pair of cozy socks to keep your feet warm

Our socks are mostly made of cotton (72%). This not only ensures warm and sweat-free feet , but also a high level of comfort . The remaining components are polyester and elastane. Now your inner critic is probably screaming: “That’s not sustainable!”. After all. So that the shape is retained even after several washes and the beautiful pieces look good for a long time, the rest is made of synthetic fibers. This makes the product durable and therefore actually more sustainable.

3. A beautiful belt for a beautiful waist

Our waist belts are made from 100% leather , which add a lot of shine to every look and really highlight the hourglass silhouette . With these one-size and 4.3 cm wide belts, the middle of the body can be sensationally highlighted in almost any outfit.

That's all well and good, you might be thinking now, but what's sustainable about it? The belt is made of 100% leather , very high quality , therefore extremely durable and therefore tadaaa: sustainable. Here the material does not crumble or start to break, as you probably know from plastic belts. It is also variably adjustable and adapts beautifully to any size and outfit. So it's better to invest in this one belt instead of choosing a handful of other plastic products.

4. A shopper for sustainable shopping

On the way home you spontaneously remember that you still have to get a few groceries and despite all your good intentions, of course you don't have a shopping bag with you and you reach for the paper bag at the checkout again.

This can no longer happen with our foldable shoppers with case . The practical bag for shopping can be folded up small, fits into any handbag and still offers a surprising amount of volume. It is of course reusable, washable and made from 100% recycled PET . This not only gives you a stylish shopper, but also guarantees a good feeling when shopping.

5. Apple leather keychain

Give the gift of love, good mood and lasting joy with our keychains . What looks like leather is actually an imitation and consists of 100% apples - more precisely, pomace, which is a waste product from apple juice production. After drying and pulverizing, it is then layered and then embossed to create the unmistakable leather look . Stains can be easily removed with a soft, damp cloth.

6. Sustainable wellness with our natural soap

Our natural rose and herbal sheep's milk soaps are made from 100% organic and sustainable ingredients. Thanks to the high proportion of valuable essential oils, our sustainable soaps give you an incomparable scent and wellness experience.

7. High-quality textiles made from cashmere

Depending on what your Christmas gift budget allows: From the winter hat made from a wool-cashmere mix to the 100% cashmere sweater , with us you will find a large range of textiles made from natural and valuable, cuddly soft cashmere wool . It warms the body in winter and the strong temperature-balancing properties ensure that you can also wear it in summer. To make them even more durable, give them the right Cashmere & Wool care detergent . It is made from natural raw materials and even the packaging is made from recycled PET. A sustainably produced cashmere comb rounds off the gift set perfectly and literally tackles fiber tangles on sweaters , scarves or cardigans .

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