Cashmere with its extremely fine fibres is not comparable with ordinary types of wool. The advantage is the special softness and its fine structure, the disadvantage is the risk of the so-called “Pilling”. The longer the fibres of the cashmere yarn the less likely the possibility that particular fibres will slip and peel. Princess Premium, with its extra long cashmere fibres, will retain its beauty for longer.

Luxurious cashmere is defined by the fineness and length of its fibres, as well as the clearity of colours. The best cashmere is produced in Outer Mongolia. The longer the cashmere fibres the softer the texture of the knits.

The average fibre length in standard cashmere is 18-30mm. For Princess Premium we use fibres which are especially long with a length of 36-40mm.

Each Cashmere goat has its natural colours with fibres growing in different shades: for example, a white goat has different shades of beige and other colours. For Princess Premium the different colours are separated and sorted by hand. That is why these are 100% natural colours without any use of artificial dyes.